OnlyFans is a platform for adults who want to monetize their base in a way almost no other website can. The site is mostly effective and useful for people who are popular on social media. A content creator from YouTube for example could, if they have a significant fanbase, turn a five-figure career into a six-figure career just by setting up an OnlyFans assuming the conditions are right.

Content creators of all types have found ways to generate enormous revenue on the site, both older women, younger women and men as well. Some social media sites, Twitter in specific, allows for content creators to share each other's OnlyFans to essentially push each other to higher profit for their paid OnlyFans accounts.

Additionally there are free OnlyFans accounts, where you can literally subscribe to both people who are famous from social media, and OnlyFans creators who are more so famous simply from being a model on OnlyFans. The problem with FREE accounts is they typically involve you having to buy the "good" content via direct message from the OnlyFans creator. It's just like dealing with "free" apps from app stores, often times, they come with a catch, otherwise, how would you motivate OnlyFans creators to post to them?


There are lots of creator stories that are inspiring and amazing. I've seen quite a few people say they gained six or seven figures the moment they launched an OnlyFans, and then you see an massive amount of people with a far lower net worth saying that they too would join OnlyFans only they have "self-respect" which translates to complete and utter jealousy with a dash of ignorance.

See the real issue with people is they don't even understand how OnlyFans account work, they don't understand that while creators have stories of showing it all, you really don't even have to. A good example is Bella Thorne. Bella Thorne started an OnlyFans account and showed pretty much nothing special at all, yet she still generated an enormous amount of income, why? Because people are foolish. Fans are silly and we're all essentially addicted to taking part in simulated human reproduction. Anything close to simulated human reproduction and we lose our minds.


OnlyFans creators don't really have to show anything, you could be a content creator on OnlyFans and literally display only what you would see in an underwear magazine... how bizarre is that? Well, people sign up for it anyway, so what is the point in showing more? Well, some OnlyFans creators actually care, that's why.

When you are an OnlyFans creator you get DMs from people begging to see it all, Bella Thorne for example sent out a DM which allegedly tricked people into dumping money on her only to get pretty much nothing in return, rude right? Well, Bella Thorne later apparently said it was for an experiment and she didn't mean anything by it... um ok. Essentially because of Bella Thorne, all OnlyFans creators & OnlyFans accounts felt the impact, not in a good way.

Regardless, content creators, specifically your average YouTube content creator, often criticize OnlyFans content creators for being on the site, doesn't matter if you're an older woman or younger woman, man or otherwise, doesn't matter if your net worth exploded or what the exclusive content you offer is really about, people see a site that is pretty much aimed at adults and they think "Oh, now I'm better than you because I make YouTube Minecraft videos and not exclusive content for adults!" - But there is a constant process with YouTube content creators, and that is that they give in.


I've seen YouTube commentary channels criticize OnlyFans creators repeatedly, then once they find out how much their net worth changed, once they find out how successful the OnlyFans creators are on so many social media platforms, then suddenly those YouTube commentary channels want to join OnlyFans so they can get a piece of the action as well. Ultimately it all comes down to money.

But all of this might not help you, you may just be a normal person asking yourself whether or not you specifically should join OnlyFans... my answer to you is, if you're an adult and you want to increase your net worth, yeah, you should probably consider it. Doesn't matter if you're an older man or older woman etc., you can join and be very successful. In fact, I've found skinny women, fat women, hairy men etc., all of them can join and find success with the right use of the social media platforms.

Essentially the way to get your exclusive content paid for in a successful and consistent manner is to be highly active on your social media platforms. Go on Twitter, find other OnlyFans content creators who are into similar presentations as you, RT them, ask them to RT you, keep producing content and eventually if you become as well integrated into the community as needed, you'll find a steady flow of collaborations via mutual promotions and as far as OnlyFans accounts go, you may find yourself in the top 1%.

When I see people fail to succeed on the OnlyFans platform it is usually due to individuals simply not trying hard enough, and what I mean is, they can put a lot of effort into getting content on their OnlyFans account, but did they put a lot of effort into promoting the account?


OnlyFans creators are better off having 100 images on their OnlyFans account and a THOUSAND social media posts about their account vs the opposite. Imagine you have 1,000 posts to your OnlyFans, but only 100 posts to social media platforms... why? As pointed out with Bella Thorne, you don't need to be talented, extremely beautiful or even likable to be successful on OnlyFans, what you need is people to see your social media posts and click on them.

There are so many creator stories from total nobodies who found great success on the site because what it comes down to is can you get people to join OnlyFans, and how do you get them to have interest in your exclusive content.

What is your exclusive content? Well, if you want people to keep renewing their monthly subscription, yeah, regular updates can be important. Monthly subscriptions are normally the regular price of your OnlyFans account, initially the monthly subscription often times doesn't even apply as the introductory price to a lot of OnlyFans is set at a discount, so really when an OnlyFans creator has succeeded is when someone likes their content so much, that they stick around for that monthly subscription.


Ultimately however, if you want to be able to share one of those creator stories from your own lips that speaks of great success resulting from you finally deciding to join OnlyFans, you have to think about promotion first, and content second.

People just want to see you, that's why they join the site, but posting every hour of the day is not going to, more often than not, serve you better than going full force on your social media platforms.

I really wish more older women would join the platform so if you're reading this and you're in your 40's+ I hope you consider joining the site because an older woman has just as much to offer as a younger one, probably more in most cases especially when it comes to depth of your OnlyFans content.

While OnlyFans, last I checked is not an app that is available in the app store for Google, the app store for Apple or otherwise, I am fairly certain that you can simply save the site as an App on your iPhone or Android by using a feature attached to your web browser, often times the "Create a Shortcut" option in your menu.


Regardless, I myself have an OnlyFans and you can find it by looking up "Onision" on the site. My content is designed for adults both men and women, but again, I always appreciate when an older woman messages me because guess what? That's a person who really knows what they want in a man and that's a huge compliment to me. To be blunt, when men write me I'm always a little confused on how to feel because while my content does make a lot of men happy, I simply am there for them with my content, my mind however... well I guess at this point my mind belongs to almost no one, my interests belong to pretty much no one... some time ago I lost interest in most people because I kind of realized that people want what they want, and that rarely involves wanting to be honest/kind and consistent to me. Sad right?

A discussion for another day. Thanks for reading. If you want to start an OnlyFans account, please do so by clicking this link. Thank you!