As a lot of you may know, the internet is full of really disturbing viewpoints. People will take a random person, and if that person does one thing they don't agree with, they will make it their goal for days, weeks, even years to ruin that person's life, and that's upsetting.

You see this kind of thing with Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard, you saw it with Michael Jackson (who now turns out was innocent according to the courts?), you saw it with Jenna Marbles and countless others who were torn apart despite not doing anything wrong. But this does not just happen to celebrities... it happens to regular people too.

I'm A Good Apple GIF

A lot of people will post to social media, saying their opinion, expressing something casual/non-hostile, and a lot of people will jump on them, saying thinks like "kys" and "you're a scumbag" for whatever it was they expressed. These things rip people apart and destroy their days, sometimes months or even their lives. Why is this allowed? Why is hate so popular online?

For years I personally would make jokes about people online, I would try to turn something that was unpleasent into a laughng point. I've seen both sides of hate and hated, I've expressed both sides of attacking and defending, and you know what I realized through all these years of experience? We're all wasting our lives.

You have a soul, and your soul needs to find peace, it needs to find beauty in this world and it needs to be able to feel safe existing without threat of uneccessary suffering. So where on the internet can you actually find a place of peace?

Politics Are A Big Mess

We love technology, we love to feel comfortable, so why not combine those?

On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter... all these site are saturated with viscious attacks on other human beings for the sake of attention/profit. No real justice or good seems to be the intention of most anyone posting content, most all of it seems to be "Look, I'm better than this person, worship me and condemn them." It's the Satan Jesus Complex.

The Satan Jesus Complex is essentialy, make myself seem as righteous as possible, and make the other person seem as horrible, demonic and unforgivable as possible, inhuman. Absolutely terrifying right? Well, not if you're the one playing Jesus.

This isn't new behavior, people have been acting this way for thousands of years. So considering it's not techncally the internet or social media to blame, but rather people, how do you really find safety?

It's simple, you get rid of accounts causing problems. Not "Oh, if we keep this person on our stock prices will go down" problems. Not "Oh, if we don't ban this person our advertisers will pull out." problems, rather ACTUAL PROBLEMS as in person A is attacking person B for no good reason, problems.

One-Sided Fight

YouTube for instance introduced a no-bullying policy some time ago, but it turns out "bullying" means "to cirticize someone popular" and does not at all protect regular people, or people who are unpopular. You know High School? It's like the football team captain can bully whoever he likes and if anyone fights back they get suspended, but if the shy new girl gets bombarded with hate, no one cares and when she kills herself people laugh and say "Nobody cares"

Welcome to the internet - and that's where I come in.

I'm personally tired of feeling stressed when I go online. I don't really like being unable to find peace on the internet, free of poitical wars, cancel culture & non-humor based hate. If you're making a joke, that makes the world a better place, but if you're seriously trying to dismember a person, to socially execute/murder them, that simply is not acceptable.

There were a couple members of and the Onision Discord that I banned not to long ago. They seemed to be fans of a sort, but they would either spam or create an atmosphere that was repellant to many other members because they would lash out in the least funny way, they would take credit for things that did not belong to them and generally expressed an attitude of dishonesty & toxic self-righteousness. They were both banned because the community suffered with their presence.


This is the agenda I have planned as we move forward with

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Thanks guys. I leave you with this great music.