So we all know... in most instances, we're born, we grow up, reproduce, our offspring reproduce, then we pass away. That's the natural order of things, so we observe. This would bring you to maybe ask "Why?" - If it all ends, what is the point?

I think Tywin Lannister had a good point when he basically said, the only thing you have is your name, because you do indeed pass on, and that's it, so honor, family, that's everything... but then I push it a little further... what is family? Family, for many people, is a group of people they were born into... not their friends, not people they chose to be around, literally just... people you were thrown at, and now you're supposed to love and adore them for your whole life... nah, that's illogical.

But there is another type of family, and that's those you create, those you create by getting with another human, and playing biology. Those folks, your offspring, you asked for them, they did not however ask for you... so at that point, you love them, unconditionally because you're programmed to, but your offspring? Well, you gotta be nice to them otherwise, you may never be able to talk to them after they move out.

So your family name... what does that mean? Your offspring aren't guaranteed to love you back, but you will still love them for who they are either way, because that's what parents are supposed to do... they may take your family name and drag it through the mud... but again, what is a family name?

 what-the-meaning-life-why-do-we-exist-the-universe what-the-meaning-life-why-do-we-exist-the-universe

Family names and the honor it comes with are pretty much entirely based on public opinion, and public opinion is basically mentally bankrupt. People care more about feeling valid than they do about being right. Like actually right.

If you can offer someone a good feeling about themselves at the expense of another, even though that other did not have it coming at all and might actually be a better person than those who judge them blindly... well a lot of times, people will elect to go with the feeling rather than the reality... so family name? If it can be destroyed by a bad rumor or dumb opinion, what is the point of that either?

What I'm saying is... if som*thing can be changed based on som*thing so weak as a rumor/misinformation, why would you want that thing that can so easily be changed to ever favor you in the first place? It is meaningless...

Full circle, Tywin talks about our lives not mattering and only the family name/honor mattering but even that does not matter as society will take an honorable person and proclaim him a monster based on rumors (like what happened to Tyrian when his literal br*thel house worker ex girlfriend decided to spread lies about him in court in front of his family) and take a dishonorable person, like Joffrey and proclaim him a hero it comes down to this: Honor doesn't matter, and family name doesn't matter, because it can all be tarnished over nothing, over nonsense.

I saw Kevin Hart talking about how important it was for him to achieve "History" as in, make himself som*thing to look back on and be like "Wow" for his k***s to say "That's my dad" - Yet if you look at Kevin Hart's "history" you find scandals involving him with women... so??? All Kevin Hart's hard work becomes meaningless to so many people because a few people decided to talk smack about him, and people love drama more than they love respecting people's hard work/dedication to entertaining them... you see what I mean?

if you spend your life, thinking people's opinions matter, you're going to endlessly struggle to be som*thing you're not... life is a sandbox dude. What do you do in the sandbox? Pretty much whatever you want. You build what you want, you play how you want. If you are living life for the sake of pleasing other people, satisfying their opinions/expectations of you, know this, if enough people or factors tell them that their life would be easier to make your life harder, they will, almost every time, turn on you. Stop trying to please people, most of them are not in it for anyone but themselves.

What you need to do is always only give back to others what they give to you. Trust those who you know deep to your core put you first as you do them. Find those select few people who really value you as you do them and have fun with this life. Most people are lost, most people are people sinking underwater, trying to pull anyone else they can down with them. Know your sinkers and know your floaters... the only people who should be your priority is you, your offspring, your spouse (if they love you like you do them) and anyone else who is giving back everything you give them.

Don't get used, don't get hurt, and have fun with this life because the meaning you are told to believe in isn't real. Life is a sandbox bro. Society will tell you how to live because society is lost. Follow the law, follow your heart & live free... otherwise yeah, life is a joke, and you're playing yourself.