Hi! I spent all day today working on Oni.Red only to find I didn't like the project at all, so I uninstalled a TON of software from the site and fled to focus on other projects.

Meanwhile Onision.net has been super neglected by me today as I literally just dumped most my waking hours into a doomed project, which is fine, live and learn.

Regardless, I'm really curious about what's going on in your lives, I kinda brought that up at Onision.net - how are all of you? Reply here; https://onisionfans.com/forum/0422011707125858/042237123f345858


Right, well, today I guess I'll dive into what's going on in my life/mind. Recently I reached out to some book publishers to get feedback advice on publishing my new book. I realized pretty quickly that publishing is (1) hit and miss, mostly miss (2) kind of pointless? I donno... think of it this way, when you publish something, you basically need a viral idea for what you published to take off, that or, you need a lot of money to advertise your product. So what does that mean? Well... you gotta do it for yourself.

One publisher wrote me back explaining how publishing works and how basically whoever pays the bills of publishing is the one who is the publisher. I wasn't too sure why they phrased it that way, but I think what they were trying to say was that basically someone is going to be spending money to push a project out there, and most of all, it might be expensive. Thus, when you throw your book at a publisher, they often ask themselves, what the return will be on your book.

Like with the movies, it all comes down to money, and so? Sometimes you just gotta take a gamble on yourself. I could seek out someone to actually publish me in a very serious way, but I'm not sure if that's what I want because I'm regularly confused about my priorities. I don't want to be super rich, I don't like being famous... so what am I doing? Lol.

I've been struggling with titles to my book, the title has changed quite a few times and every change is an improvement. When I'm finally done figuring out the title, it will be awesome and I'm excited to reveal it to you guys when I finally got it locked in.

Anyway, long story short, hope you enjoyed this blog despite it being incredibly pastel and dry, but my thoughts lately have been slightly healthier than usual so, this is sometimes what you get.

I think writing helps clense my mind a little, and that's really refreshing.


ALSO I just cleaned all the carpets in my house so everything smells really nice, that's lovely.