‚Äč So I was looking over this topic someone started:


And I gotta say... we're all pretty dang silly.

First off, do you believe in soul mates? Do you believe in true love? Let's say you're married to someone for like 10 years and they go through a horrible accident that scars them for life. Like they look pretty disfigured. Would you stay with them? If your answer is "no" well - I think a lot of people have opinions about that.

If you said you WOULD stay with someone you had been married to for 10 years even if they were disfigured, congrats, you have next level ideas of love.


So let's go to the topic of "What is the oldest you'll date?" Let's dissect what that question actually is in reference to...

First off age essentially = how long you have been on this Earth. We're talking how many wrinkles you might have, what music you might be into, what experiences you have had since birth, how compatible with tech you might be etc.

Alright, so if you said you would be with someone who was disfigured after being married to them 10 years, what if the disfigurement was a rapid aging of their looks and personality? Would you stay with them then?


Let's say you're Edward, from Twilight, and everyone you get into a relationship with, winds up getting super old while you stay looking young... imagine that dynamic. She's going to age and look like a "creep" by society's standard as if she ever were to be with you in public, it would look like a 90 year old being friendly with someone 1/4th her age right? Would you leave them then due to the awkwardness? What is your love exactly? Do you really care about the person your with? Or just what people think of your relationship?

Your love is so fickle, so fragile and superficial that age is where you draw the line? You expect me to say I wouldn't date a woman 15 years+ my age even if she was my soul mate? Absurd. If I met that woman, and was single, of course I would date her. What maniac wouldn't?


I watched a movie called "THE UPSIDE" with Kevin Hart and in that movie, Bryan Cranston is paralyzed from the neck down. He tries to date a woman who once she meets him says that it's "a lot" and implies she can't deal with him being a crippled person. Clearly her type of love is different... would you be with a crippled person? You'd probably say "of course, because I have a soul, being crippled doesn't mean you're any lesser and they could be perfect for me" so I bring you back again...

You would be with a crippled person, you would be with someone disfigured... but you wouldn't be with someone 5 years older or younger than you? Seriously?

You people (and I say that, for humor, as rudely as possible) are so brainwashed by the social stigma around age differences that you can't see the truth when it's standing right in front of you. If I'm a 50 year old man, and I refuse to date a 60 year old woman because she is beyond the made up age range I have in my head, I probably don't have a good concept of love or even what being with someone compatible even means.

I've been in a relationship with someone for over about 10 years now, and guess what? I ignored social expectations and only considered what was right for me, right for them and was of course, lawful.

If the law agreed with it, if they agreed with it and I wanted it, then who cares what society thinks? You would deny a lasting and meaningful relationship because people might judge you?


The fact that so many people are willing to do only what society says is ok is ridiculous and robs you of being an individual - (society tells you to be with crippled people as if you refused they would treat you with disdain, society tells you to be with a disfigured person because if you refused on that basis again, disdain) - if a woman who is 10 year old tries to date you? "Ew! No! You're... 10 years younger than my mom! No!" - meanwhile that person liked everything you liked, would have been the perfect partner and now you're forever apart because you're a peer-pressure puppet.

What I'm saying is, a lot of the people who freak out about age, despite it being perfectly moral and decent on every level, really haven't given it genuine thought. The immediate reaction is "What can I say that won't get me canceled?" rather than "What if Chris Hemsworth was 10 years older than he is now?" because everyone knows, it doesn't matter how much older than you Chris Hemsworth is, he's a slam dunk boyfriend at 40 or 80.


Stop letting completely dumb people who are probably single, perpetually, tell you what is right and wrong. You know what is right and wrong? What is lawful. Why? Because if you obey the system that actually matters, you retain your rights and get to live how you like. Don't like the system? Consider moving.

But seriously, have you noticed how many undatable unappealing people have opinions on YOUR outfits??

It's always the people who can't look good in that same dress who give you guff for wearing it. It's always the have-nots who try to act like those who have are bad for having.

Or to connect the dots, it's always those who cannot have som*thing that say it is bad to have it. Imagine dating Jennifer Anniston and another guy tries to act like you're bad for dating so much older than you... yeah loser, you wish you could date Jennifer Anniston.


(btw Jennifer Anniston is 17 years older than me... if you think I would be wrong for dating someone that much older than me, I think you are literally a fool)

Society is dumb. Wear the outfits you want, be with the people you want (lawfully), and let them be made because they wish they had a life like.