There is som*thing really frustrating to me about American culture, and it probably spans throughout the world where it is socially acceptable to end your own unborn offspring without justification. We regularly, in our culture, preach equality between genders yet we simultaneously constantly act like women are incapable and should not be held accountable for any wrong that they do.

On TikTok recently there was a woman who clearly broke the law against a man who was not conscious, and yet last I checked, she was not in legal trouble... even though what she did to the man was literally filmed/undeniable. Why? Why do we have so many double standards? We act like fem-activism is a critical component of society but completely and utterly let women do whatever they want without consequence on a constant basis, things that if a man did, there would be no forgiveness.

A great example of this is legally requiring men to pay for offspring they do not want (which frankly, I think if you have offspring, you should feed/clothe them, common sense but bare with me) yet if a woman does not want her offspring, all she has to do is walk into a clinic and have them ended, never having to pay support for the offspring if the man would want to keep them, because the man had no choice in the matter. Let's break it down into an equation...

Man does not want baby + women wants baby = baby is born.

Woman does not want baby + man wants baby = baby is ended.

Man does not want baby = Deadbeat dad, judged by society for the rest of his life.

Woman does not want baby = Poor innocent person, a hero, should be defended to no end and if you question her, now you are the bad guy.

Are you kidding me?

Here's another hard truth. Men, rarely say they dislike men yet women, CONSTANTLY say they dislike women - you ever wonder why?

If someone who knows a group of people better than anyone, being part of that group, winds up hating that group? You may wanna ask a few questions, like why does the person who knows this group better than anyone dislike them so much?

Fact of the matter is, many women see other women seeking sympathy for things that are absolutely ridiculous. Women will intentionally do horrible things, like end a pregnancy they not only asked for, but could easily follow through with, literally just because they don't want to disrupt their social life... are you kidding me? Are you joking? Seriously?

You may think I don't know what I'm talking about, but I in fact know multiple women who ended their pregnancies due to social inconvenience... did I say multiple women? Implying some did not? No, I meant every woman I've ever met who has ever ended a pregnancy.

Not a single woman I've ever met has actually ended their unborn offspring because they were subjected to a crime or medically needed it. Yet when a woman wants a baby and the man doesn't? Well, he's a bad person, let's spread the word about how bad this guy is, despite our blatant double standard.

I do know one woman who got pregnant as a result of the law being broken, she was sleeping and he broke the law, he got her pregnant when she was not even conscious and you know what that woman did? She still had the offspring! The ONE person I knew who ending a pregnancy would actually make sense, had their offspring.

You explain to me why THAT woman is not called a hero? You explain to my why THAT woman gets ZERO credit but the women who end their unborn offspring without justification, get all the celebration. Why? For being literally the worst would-be moms ever?

Let me tell you about another woman, my sister. Had at least 2 optionally bailed pregnancies. The first one I offered to raise her offspring, I just begged her not to end her unborn offspring's life, and you know what she did? She said "Nah" and went ahead and ended her unborn offspring anyway. Then she got pregnant again, same story, ended them again.

She finally had a baby, the third pregnancy (to the best of my knowledge) and then I begged her not to disfigure the offspring upon being born (force removing of a piece of their manhood) as they were a boy and our society is insane. My sister promised me she would not harm the offspring. But guess what? I baby sat one day, changed his diaper and you know what I saw? A boy who had been harmed, deeply harmed, permanently disfigured. So not only did my sister end two of her unborn needlessly (she was financially sound, was in the military so she would have had paid leave to take care of her babies, still ended them anyway) but now she couldn't help but disfigure the baby she did have.

And why? You take the rights away from babies you consensually introduced to this world, and then you take the rights away from your babies again by disfiguring their bodies, take a look: https://www.doctorsopposingcirc*

Long story short, women need to be held accountable. Rights between parents should be equal. If you want to have a baby and the father does not, have the baby, but he shouldn't have to legally be required to be in the life of a offspring he did not want if you can just the same end your pregnancy when you don't want a offspring. It's common sense. And if you want to end a pregnancy? Don't call yourself a hero, don't act like you did som*thing good and don't get mad when people point out what you did because guess what? Everyone should be held accountable for their actions.

It's simple, heroes save lives, the don't end them. If a father is bad for not wanting a baby, then a mom is too. If a mother can bail on being a parent, then so should a father.

Stop living a lie, stop acting like women can do no wrong. My mother hurt me when I was young, sprayed me with a fire extinguisher to gas me out of my room, slapped me in the face, unleashed a belt on me repeatedly, constantly lied to me and is now a addict. You call that a hero? You call that a person who is superior to all men? My father is not a good person, I don't think my mom is a good person, not with how much they both lie and clearly think about only themselves and their own needs over others, especially those they are programmed to love unconditionally but somehow overcame that inherent need to protect/prioritize your own.

I just gotta say, in this story, there is only one hero, and that is the woman who had every reason to end her pregnancy, but didn't. Why? Because that baby did nothing wrong, it's not their fault they were conceived and the mother knew she would love the baby anyway, regardless of how they were conceived. She had a baby girl, and they're out there right now, alive and well, thanks to the one woman in this story who actually deserves credit, but got none.

Wake up, our culture is just wrong. We celebrate the wrong people, we call people who are the opposite of brave or responsible the heroes and the real heroes are ignored. It needs to stop, and we need to finally be honest about what it means to be a person who ends life without justification, just because we want to go on drinking and being irresponsible in bed. Grow a conscience, if you ended a pregnancy merely because it was inconvenient to you? Guess what, parenthood is a series of inconveniences, we get spit on, we get screamed at, we get poo'd on, we get hit and we sacrificed ourselves for our offspring while getting no long term appreciation for it, and you know why we take all that from our offspring and don't ask for anything back? Because we actually love our offspring, parenthood is sacrifice, parenthood is putting someone else before yourself, and what do you do? You just end them before they're even born, because the only thing that matters to you, is you.

I'm not against women having a choice because I know there are hundreds of reasons to end a pregnancy, like health issues or the legal system being involved, but me being for women having a choice doesn't mean I think you should treat the clinic like a revolving door as I have seen people do.

I had a pregnancy scare when I was only 14, you know what I did? I told the person I was with, I will be the father of this offspring, because I'd rather be a dad who is 14 than someone who has no compassion for their own unborn young people.

If a 14 year old Onision can step up and be a parent, what was my employed/insured 20+ year old sister's excuse? And even then, as the baby's uncle, I said I'd raise them, my sister still ended them.

I wonder what my nephew will think when he grows up and realizes, if his mom listened to his uncle, he'd have two more siblings, but instead? They're ghosts.